EXCEL 16th Annual Leadership Conference

Can You Survive the Leadership Challenge?

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Excel Conference 2006 Speakers

Ethan Zohn

  Character: The Ultimate Survival Tool

   After winning on the reality show Survivor Africa, Ethan Zohn had to decide what to do with his newly acquired million and his fifteen minutes of fame. Since the most popular sport in Africa is soccer, Ethan combined his background as a professional soccer player with his money and notoriety to help provide AIDS education.

   Ethan will delve deeply into the issue of character: where it comes from, why it matters, and how it can help you make important decisions in your life. Ethan relates the character-building moments in his own life from his father's death when he was 14, to experiences he had on the soccer field, his college experiences and stories from Survivor to illustrate how character is built and why it is important to develop, nurture and refine to be an effective leader.


Andrea Mosby-Jones

  The Power of Personal Decisions

   Andrea Mosby was 16 and about to become a teenage mother. She felt the full impact of the consequences and she had to make some hard choices about the future direction of her life. These early struggles served as the first testing ground for a unique life outlook that has led her to success today.

   College students are confronted with decision after decision during their four years. Should I use alcohol and drugs? Should I skip class today? What should I pursue as my major? With so many options, how can you make selections that are in alignment with your values and goals? Andrea has created a guide to help students through the process of making decisions based on who they are, what their goals and dreams are, and what they are willing to sacrifice to achieve their desires. Using the acronym DECISIONS, Andrea will walk you through the factors you must consider when making important personal choices. Whether you are in a student organization or beginning Andrea's message is appropriate or both individuals as well as organizations. Whether you are a student senator, athlete, executive board member, or beginning your leadership journey, Andrea’s presentation will have something for you!

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