Profile - David Stollman

Michael works with colleges and universities that want to develop better leaders and with students who want to get ready for the world of work. One of the most engaging things that Michael brings to schools each year is his ability to connect with students - he's genuine and he captures their attention immediately! From his dynamic all-campus keynotes to his interactive leadership conference presentations, Michael truly understands students and their unique needs.

As a full time speaker and trainer for more than a decade, Michael has spoken from Toronto to the Virgin Islands and in 43 states. Whether he's presenting to a campus body or to Greeks, resident assistants, student government officers, peer educators, new students or campus leaders, Michael knows how to connect with students so that his message sticks - and students take action!

Colleges aren't the only groups benefiting from Michael. He's spoken to people from nearly 1,200 different non-educational organizations... people from groups such as Kodak, ESPN, Nextel, Sears, Kinkos, Ameritech, State Farm, Chase Bank, Ford Motor and AT&T. He's collaborated with government agencies, non-profits, health care organizations, manufacturing groups, magazine publishers and even The White House. He brings "real world" strategies and solutions to students...and makes it simple! Michael received his Bachelor's degree from Towson University and his Master's from Eastern Illinois University.

Michael is a past board member of the National Association for Campus Activities and has served on other boards and committees, including work with the United Way and the American Lung Association. On campuses, Michael's worked in positions in both student and academic affairs.