Keynote Speaker - T.J Sullivan

The Apathy Myth; Real Answers to Unmotivated Members
What if you were told that what you think is apathy is actually the result of poor leadership that is unresponsive to the needs of the students in your organization? Would you open your mind to the possibility that there are ways to motivate your group members that don't require making every single event mandatory?

T.J. Sullivan offers student leaders practical ideas – evaluating their events, changing their approach to meetings, and redirecting their management of their people – attacking apathy head on. It’s about shaking things up, with an eye to re-igniting passion in their organizations. Leaders have the power to eliminate apathy if they take specific steps to improve their organizations and their approach to serving their members.

Keynote Speaker - Christine Hassler

Expectation Hangovers
Christine Hassler’s program deals with a challenge facing today’s college students: expectations. Whether from parents, professors, peers, or themselves, the expectations that students feel can be overwhelming. Christine’s program is both interactive and reassuring. She leads a discussion about why decisions are hard to make and shares her “Cheesecake Factory” theory. In a gentle and often humorous way, she advises students about things to expect after graduation like culture shock, an adjustment to independent life, heart-break, competition, and unavoidable forks in the road. From Christine’s program, students feel relieved of some of the pressure that fuels expectation hangovers and armed with real world tips and tools to prepare them for life post-graduation.

Pre-Conference Workshop 9am-12pm - David Stollman

Recruitment Boot Camp