Workshop Sessions

Discover Your Dream Career Workshop
The purpose of this workshop is to introduce undergraduate students to the career development process and assist them with choosing a career path that is compatible with their skills, interests, values and personality type. You will take career assessments, participate in a variety of career exploration activities, and develop an action plan that will assist you in choosing a career.

Obtaining an Internship or Part-Time Job
Participating in an internship or part-time job can have wide-ranging benefits. But with so many options available, which one is right for you? Come learn strategies for successfully searching internship and part-time job listings to locate the best opportunity for YOU.

Resume Writing
Want to make your resume stand out from the competition? Learn how to market your skills and experience effectively on paper so you stand out above the rest. This workshop covers the basic components of a resume, formatting strategies and emphasizes the importance of tailoring your resume to a particular position.

The Art of Small Talk and Initiating Relationships
Small talk can make or break a potential connection. It is the first form of communication we often have with new contacts and our "way in" to new interpersonal and professional relationships. Learn effective strategies for engaging in small talk that will lead to more meaningful interactions, and start to put your skills into practice! Grace Bagunu, Assistant Director, UCSD Express to Success

Communicating Your Strengths to Make Your Next Move
In this highly interactive session you will learn how to make a lasting impression on prospective employers through positive written and oral communication. Get tips on writing a cover letter and a resume as well as tips on how to prepare for phone and in-person interviews. **Participants should bring a copy of a job listing for which they might be interested in applying.**

Balancing the 8 Dimensions of Wellness
LiveWell UC San Diego supports students in achieving a more balanced and healthy lifestyle in the areas of intellectual, physical, occupational, emotional, social, spiritual, financial, and environmental wellness. This workshop will help students identify the tools necessary to live a healthy lifestyle in all areas of life. Topics discussed include methods to cope with stress, balancing a heavy workload, and resources available for students to deal with common challenges.

What Would You Do?
In this workshop, people will be thrusted into complicated situations that are more common than we might realize. What would you do if a bunch of people were cat-calling your female friend at a club? How would you react if a friend made rude comments about your religion? Would you be able to speak up if your family didn't approve of your best friend's sexual orientation? We will explore questions like these and work together to understand the importance of active communication and the challenges involved in being open to different cultures and lifestyles.

Who am I today? Many of us aspire to be all we’re meant to be… so, how far along are we? This fun workshop will help you take a ‘snapshot’ of the person you are today. We’ll explore several dimensions of the ‘you’ now, such as your relationships or your personal development. Your ‘snapshot’ will help you reflect on the path you’re on to the future ‘you’—as a person and as a leader. Have you taken a snapshot lately?

Meditation: a daily practice for college students
In this workshop you will be learning the motives and meaning behind meditation. It will be an interactive session where you will actually be doing 15 minutes of meditation and then going over personal observations after the meditation practice. It will evaluate your daily life and how to fit meditation into your daily routine. This workshop is designed to help relieve stress in your everyday life in a different and more healthy way.

Under the Influence of STRESS
In what has become Corey's most popular talk, this discussion deals with stress and the physical and mental problems caused by a stressful life. A stress test is given and followed with 20 meaningful and fun ways to de-stress from your distress.

Professionalism and your Iron Ring - With Corey Ciocchetti
This talk takes a look at historical examples of professionalism and compares them to the examples set by contemporary professionals such as professional athletes, lawyers and business executives. The story of the iron ring and the professional oath taken by Canadian engineers is recounted and audiences are encouraged to create their own version of an iron ring and act like professionals regardless of their chosen career. This talk also discusses the ways that society judges its professionals – especially by the way they speak, think, dress, listen – and what character attributes society expects of its professionals.

Why Be Ordinary When You Can Be Remarkable? With David Coleman
Through his travels, he’s found that quite often, the primary difference between someone being "remarkable" instead of "ordinary" is performing a common task uncommonly well! This highly inspirational program will teach each of us how we can embody certain traits in our own lives and use them to make a profound and meaningful impact on the world and people around us. Together, we will overcome these barriers and leave them behind because a life lived in fear, is a life half-lived!

Why Do You Hate Me? With Brent Scarpo
This workshop explores the issues of HATE on a much deeper level. In this program, Brent takes his collective experiences and shares with his audience not only the issues of hate and diversity but also self-hate and how it affects our self-confidence, self-esteem and self-worth. We answer the question, What is it that we love so little about ourselves that we feel a need to hate someone else or ourselves?

Repping Your Greek Chapter- With Tobias Haglung
This workshop focuses on the challenges UCSD Greeks face in promoting a positive image on this campus and ways to overcome these challenges. Discussions will center around ways you can promote the UCSD Greek community and guarantee the success of your chapter in recruiting new members and impacting the UCSD community as a whole.

Conflict: Deal with It!
Learn the strategies and styles of dealing with conflict, including interpersonal and cultural differences. Through self-reflection and role-playing, participants will explore the different styles of dealing with conflict and learn which style is most effective in a given situation. This workshop will cover the five commonly used conflict resolution styles, avoidance, accommodation, dominance, compromise and collaboration and will encourage thought on personal and cultural characteristics that may be salient when in conflict with others. Participants will thus learn practical skills, tools and resources for finding solutions to conflict.