Workshop Sessions

The Art of Small Talk and Initiating Relationships - presented by Grace Bagunu, Center for Communication and Leadership
Small talk can make or break a potential connection. It is the first form of communication we often have with new contacts and our "way in" to new interpersonal and professional relationships. Learn effective strategies for engaging in small talk that will lead to more meaningful interactions, and start to put your skills into practice!

Are You a Leader Prepared to Impact the World? - presented by Joshua Fredenburg
In this powerful, engaging, inspiring and enlightening presentation, Joshua Fredenburg not only provides emerging leaders with practical and applicable leadership skills that will help them make an impact on their campus right now, but he also provides them insightful information on why our communities, nation and world are depending on them to become great leaders who are prepared to impact the world.

Buy In or Get Out! - presented by David Stollman
Too often, good leaders and good chapters are not able to succeed because they are too busy cleaning up after the ones that don’t get it — fixing their problems or fighting their negative image. Imagine how much more we could accomplish if they were part of the solution instead of part of the problem. David will say what you wish you could. Let him confront them in his funny, interactive and moving style. His message will inspire those that want to care about the core values of Fraternity and Sorority Life—friendship, service, leadership and scholarship. He will challenge your members to embrace the best and get rid of the rest. It will touch on topics that range across all major issues facing today’s members.

Other Workshops to be Added Soon...