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Workshop Sessions

Communication Styles and Community Building - presented by Nancy Magpusao , Cross Cultural Center, Educational Programs
Are you the sort of person who would travel spontaneously with an open agenda, or do you prefer to have things planned out in detail? Responses to questions like these will help participants learn about one's own communication style and others' preferred ways of communicating. Discuss strategies to help facilitate some of the more common challenges when it comes to building community across personal or professional settings.

The Art of Small Talk and Initiating Relationships - presented by Grace Bagunu, CSI - Communication and Leadership
Small talk can make or break a potential connection. It is the first form of communication we often have with new contacts and our "way in" to new interpersonal and professional relationships. Learn effective strategies for engaging in small talk that will lead to more meaningful interactions, and start to put your skills into practice!

Conflict: Deal With it - presented by Brett Robertson, CSI - Communication and Leadership
Learn the strategies and styles of dealing with conflict, including interpersonal and cultural differences. This workshop will cover the five commonly used conflict resolution styles: avoidance, accommodation, dominance, compromise and collaboration. Participants will learn practical skills, tools and resources for finding solutions to conflict.

Motivation and YOU: a Leadership Development Workshop - presented by Jenny Kressel, Center for Student Involvement
Join this fun, interactive workshop to learn about motivational theory, assess what motivates YOU and learn how you can best motivate others through your leadership.

Personal Branding and First Impressions - presented by Kati Dickson, Sixth College, Coordinator of Student Activities
Is your Facebook the best representation of you? In this highly interactive session, participants will explore and discuss the importance of personal branding and first impressions in both professional and social settings. Participants will develop their own personal brand (both digitally and in 'real life') to use for future career explorations.

Men's and Women's Issues in the Workplace - presented by Tisha Tuong, Peer Educator, CSI - Communication and Leadership
Social attitudes and pressures toward different geners can influence who pursues leadership, who holds authority in a team, and the external motives behind group goals. This presentation aims to address these realities in order to provide tools to overcome various social pressures and reach a greater understanding of one's role in discouraging or perpetuating gendered attitudes. Different leadership styles, stereotypes or power in pop culture, sexual violence, and social identity will be covered in this presentation.

Under the Influence of Stress - presented by Corey Ciocchetti, CAMPUSPEAK
Many student leaders are living a very stressful life. How student leaders deal with the stress - and the physical and mental problems a stressful life brings - can dramatically influence their health, their academic performance, their personal lives and their future. Corey gives students the 'stress test' and 20 meaningful and fun ways to de-stress their lives.

Reel Greek: When Hollywood Boulevard Meets Greek Row - presented by Brian C. Johnson, CAMPUSPEAK
Brian uses film clips from popular films like Old School, Animal House, Stomp the Yard and College (and many others) to explore the influence of Hollywood on how we view ourselves as members of the Greek community, as well as the impact these images have on how/who we recruit, the traditions and rituals we uphold, how we act in public and private, our town/gown relationships and how we interact with others on campus.

Other Workshops to be Added Soon...